History of the Glastonbury Pilgrimage

From 1990 - 1992 the Bishop of Bath & Wells and the Bishop of Clifton have similarly witnessed together. Supplementary to the Pilgrimage have been the lectures which were given in the '60s and ''70s in the U.R.C. on Glastonbury themes or a subject associated with the Abbey. by well known people like Raleigh Radford, the Revd Dr Jalland, Dr Robert Dunning. our County Historian, R.F. Treharne whose work was published in the "Glastonbury Legends" and so on. These were discontinued in 1979.

Contemporary with these were the plays. sometimes written or adapted from mediaeval plays and produced by Kenneth Janes with his "Miracles at Glastonbury" Company. These also finished when Janes returned to America in 1979.
A regular feature from 1972-1992 was the Concert given by the Choir of St John under

Robin Walker. From 1987- 1992 the Hardwicke & Quedgley Group sang modern Christian music to us. From its small beginnings the Pilgrimage has become a Holy day of praise and fellowship for all Pilgrims who attend.

On the 25th September 1993, the Pilgrimage Council voted by 15 votes to 13 that in the event of the ordination of women to the priesthood (an extract from the minutes of that meeting reads):

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