What people said
about the Pilgrimage

"Congratulations on a superb pilgrimage yesterday, despite the weather! Liz and I have attended most of the Pilgrimages over the last 50 years and we felt that this year's was one of the most inspiring we could remember. Two excellent addresses and most helpful cantoring from Fr Darren."

"Nevertheless, we want you to know how much we enjoyed yesterday's gathering and appreciate the enormous effort that went into arranging the event."

"We felt that, despite the weather, there was a warmth of spirit present and particularly appreciated the strong lead given by the Cantor and "organist". We also liked the background music, which we felt contributed considerably to creating the appropriate atmosphere."

"We have never had anything like this in the pass. Quite simply the best ever"

"Just wanted to drop you both a line to say a huge thank you for everything you have both done for the pilgrimage, particularly over the past year. I know only too well what a thankless task it can be trying to keep the pilgrimage on some form of even keel…….. thanks to you, our losses were more than rewarded by your superb voice and a very new (to the pilgrims!!) Mass setting. I thought it was wonderful and I don't think I was alone in that view. Not even the wettest pilgrimage that I can remember, seemed to spoil the day and I was so pleased that the numbers didn't drop off in the afternoon."

"Forget the rain, today was a turn around for the Pilgrimage! The music was brilliant and the atmosphere happy! Bring on next year"

"I cannot remember such a wonderful and uplifting mass Well done everyone"


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